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Toto Wolff, Mercedes: “This Hamilton is the best I’ve ever seen in last four years”

Toto wolff with Hamilton


Toto Wolff, Mercedes: “This Hamilton is the best I’ve ever seen in last four years”

Toto wolff with Hamilton

In spite of letting escape the victory in Australia, the Austrian says that in the four years he has not seen Hamilton so strong.

He began as he likes, dominating both Friday practice and driving the grid, but when it was expected to see him on top of the podium in Australia, Hamilton was surprised by Vettel and Ferrari. A hurried halt due to W08 tire mismanagement condemned the British to be locked in second place and to start on the left foot of the World Championship. But it is too soon to lose patience. Mercedes relies on his work and the best Hamilton they have seen to prevail on the Scuderia.

Toto Wolff thinks he has never seen the tri-champion as well as this year.

Toto Wolff says,

“Lewis is the best Lewis I’ve seen in the last four years, both on and off the track. He has become a pillar of this team and he demonstrated it in Melbourne.”

Today, his leadership without the presence of Rosberg is evident, but the Austrian is also happy Bottas performance.

“Valtteri has settled well in the team and has yielded to a high level, surpassing the pressure and taking the relief of Nico without problems.”

In his analysis of the start of 2017 before focusing on what happens in China, Mercedes boss only wants to see his team working to decide better in the future.

“Australia was the first weekend with new regulations, new car, new tires and new driver. We collect a lot of information that will help us to make better decisions. We try to improve every day and that particular day of Melbourne Ferrari was better, so now we have to find out how we can improve again to beat them.”

The best thing about this spwort is that the past does not guarantee anything. To win you have to be renewed every year, and there you are.

Wolff concludes,

“If you think you’re going to win because of your success story, you’ll quickly be proven that you’re wrong. You need to put your finger on the wound, identify your weaknesses and respond. We get a double podium, but we can not be satisfied because there are still many areas to improve.”

Then the best Hamilton in Mercedes must do the rest. Of course, opposite will have the best Vettel in Ferrari.

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