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Newey said, “Verstappen reminds me of Mansell”

Max Verstappen


Newey said, “Verstappen reminds me of Mansell”

Max Verstappen

Red Bull coach Adrian Newey did not hesitate to compare the young Dutch star Max Verstappen with one of the great drivers of the eighties and early nineties, 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell.

“Max (Verstappen) has been a complete discovery, even if it was only his second season in F1. His driving reminds me of Nigel Mansell’s style”, he says.

“With Mansell, you always knew he was in the car, his driving style with his elbows was almost metaphorical, Max is the same and it’s amazing to watch him on TV”, he says.

He even compares them by their driving at points, many times criticized by other drivers. “He is reminiscent of Nigel. It’s as if, he is saying he is not willing to get bullied. He will do things his way and if anyone does not like it, that’s their problem”, he concludes.

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