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Impact Of Big Data


Impact Of Big Data


Businesses, individuals and societies are constantly reacting to the impacts of big data, mobile cloud computing and social media. There are several ways that these phenomena are affecting our lives and businesses. Sometimes we are aware of them, many times we are not.


Big Data

Big data refers to large amount of varied information that are made available through ICT. The use of big data has major impact on individuals, societies and companies. Let’s look at some of them.


Impact on the People

Today, people have access to accurate GPS devices via big data. Real time information from incidents and construction centres are used to build credible GPS for accurate travel direction and preventing against getting lost.

Also, people can shop conveniently on the internet, thanks to big data. Products that fit your browsing pattern are directed to you, helping you save time in sifting through websites. For instance, big data helps display a wristwatch ad after searching for a brand of wristwatch on the internet.


Impact on the Society

Big data has had a huge impact on the medical sectors of different societies. Information are now feed into computer systems for making provision for records in hospitals. These records are used by doctors and medical experts to analyse trends and monitor the effectiveness of certain medical remedies. They also help understand diseases common to certain demography of the society.

With big data, crime fighters follow crime trends in the society and combat against them. it puts the security agencies in the position to be proactive, taking actions before crimes are committed.


Impact on Industries

Big data plays a major role in the way that many businesses operate. It helps them understand their customers better and provide services in a way that meet their needs. Companies now know their customers better, understand their buying pattern and predict future buying trends.


Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud computing means using the internet (cloud) to access and store data through the mobile phone. Its introduction has impacted businesses and societies, here are some of its impacts:



Impact on the people

Mobile cloud computing has made it easy for individuals to receive and send information through the internet. Mobile phones have been developed to perform well as a tool for cloud computing, featuring digital cameras and wireless connections for sharing images through cloud computing platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, mobile cloud computing has affected the people negatively because it leads to time wastage and invasion of privacy.



Impact on Industries

There are communication systems, backup services and applications that companies use to boost the productivity of their workers. Mobile cloud computing creates platforms for workers to use information from one source and view files via offline mode. It helps companies save cost and record increased revenue.



Social Media

Social media has shaped our culture and interactions. Here are some of the ways that social media has impacted the people, the society and the industries.


Impact on the People

Social network channels create platforms for people to connect with one another. They have an added advantage of hooking up with old buddies and sharing information. Social media has created new and effective ways for people to expand their horizons and seize various career opportunities. However, social media has given room for cyber-crimes, waste of man hours and invasion of privacy.



Impact on the Society

Social media has helped societies make fantastic political decisions. It has been used as a weapon to vent the people’s opinion about societal events and seek justice.


Impact on Industries

Companies now use social media for connecting with their customers. There are targeted campaign opportunities provided by social media to help companies nurture customer loyalty and generate feedback from their customers. With the social media, companies execute effective and affordable advertisements that enrich their brand image.




Big data, mobile cloud computing and social media have changed the way that societies operate. They have saturated societies; helping people interact better; and helping companies achieve their business objectives. However, there are downsides to these IT phenomena that individuals, societies and businesses must beware of.



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