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Golden Boy Promotions offers less money to Golovkin than Chavez Jr.



Golden Boy Promotions offers less money to Golovkin than Chavez Jr.


Last week the interminable negotiations to close the long-awaited fight between the current World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA) Super and International Boxing Federation (IBF) and International Boxing Organization (IBO) middleweight champion, Kazakh Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and the Mexican Saul “Canelo” Álvarez.

As everyone knows, the negotiations are conducted by Golden Boy Promotions with Golovkin promoter, K2 Promotions. The promoter, Oscar De la Hoya is the one that has the lead in the negotiations and is the one that demands the conditions to be carried out considering that he is on the on the A side of the negotiations.

In recent days GBP drastically changed the conditions, previously they offered a fixed of 15 million for Golovkin, being outside of the generator percentages for tickets and PPV. Tom Loeffler, director of K2 Promotions, always demanded a percentage for Golovkin when considering that a fight of these conditions always are done with benefit-sharing. After the low PPV numbers of Golovkin vs Jacobs, Golden Boy Promotions has thought that the Canelo vs Golovkin might not sell what is expected, because currently a large number of fans watch the fighting on the internet and lately share the combats in social networks, which favors that purchases by PPV have fallen drastically.

Fearing that the numbers do not meet expectations, Golden Boy Promotions no longer wants to offer a fixed 15 million, the last offer to Golovkin, is to distribute 75% for “Canelo” and 25% for Golovkin.

The offer offered by the promoter of “Canelo” is shameful, since Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. would charge more than Golovkin himself. The son of “The Legend” would receive the same 25% of benefits as Golovkin, but would have fixed, 6 million dollars and if the combat exceeds one million sales, another 6 million.

Putting Chavez Jr. above the current best pound to pound boxer of the moment, who would expose his three world belts, is a real insult and would prove once again that they do not want the fight.

Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler calls for 60% for Canelo and 40% for Golovkin, it will be necessary to see if Golden Boy Promotions changes its ridiculous offer and at least accept 65% vs 35%, which would be a figure close to what Tom Loeffler asks and would be a fair enough percentage.

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