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Cloud Computing and Big Data Management


Cloud Computing and Big Data Management


Cloud computing and big data management are technologies with huge prospects. They offer enterprises options for increased profitability and productivity.


Big Data Management

Big data management means the proper usage and arrangement of huge volumes of an organisation’s data (both unstructured and structured). It is used for arriving at premium data quality and generating access to business intelligence and big data analytics implementations.

Different sectors of the society use big data management. The government, for example, use the management strategies of big data for coping with soaring data file sizes. Likewise, organisations use big data management for finding required information within a bulk of semi-structured and unstructured data from numerous sources. These data are used for formulating and implementing corporate policies in timely fashion for achieving desired results.

When companies use big data management, they are furnished with vital information which they use in understanding their customers better. They use the information at their disposal to create products and build fruitful relationships with their customers.

There are various processes that are imbedded in big data management. It involves tracking all the available big data resources, using a centralised dashboard or interface. Big data management involves database maintenance which is performed for recording better results. Moreover, big data management includes the monitoring and implementation of big data analytics and big data reporting.

Using big data management, businesses make sure that data life-cycle processes are efficiently designed and implemented for better results. It involves ensuring that all data are taken and stored from all desired resources.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an ICT term that is now used by business operators. It refers to the system of receiving and storing programs and files through the internet. Cloud computing makes it easy for people to access and store information on-the-go. It has successfully created a magical world where the people are no longer inhibited by lack of space in their computer system hard drive, for accessing large files.

Cloud computing is entirely different from local computing or storage. You do not need to store your files on your computer system hard drive in cloud computing. All

Files and applications are accessed through the web.

There are several examples of cloud computing. Office Online is an important example. It consists of internet-versions of Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel which users can use without installing them on their computer systems. Google Drive is also an important type of cloud computing service. It consists of Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets.


Combining Cloud Computing and Big Data Management

Cloud computing gives room for flexibility and empowers IT with insights to discover the best services that meet specific business needs. When big data is supported by cloud computing, it creates a powerful result. With cloud computing, big data analysis investments become significant. It helps businesses to enjoy required storage for huge data sets through cloud services.

Likewise, cloud computing assists business operators to combine in-house and external resource for keeping files. Companies can keep delicate information in-house then store large volumes of big data in the cloud.



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