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Bottas would let Hamilton pass if the team asks for it



Bottas would let Hamilton pass if the team asks for it


Valtteri Bottas had a good time in an act with Mercedes and Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, on his way to China. The Finn replied to different questions and came admitted and joked that he feels an idiot when he dances. He is defined as quiet, sincere and fast. He also informed that his friends and family call him ‘Vale’.

The Finn described his relationship with Lewis Hamilton as very positive. The Nordic did not leave the script with his wishes. He said,

“I want to be the best, the champion, everything I do in my life is to be up there.”

Valtteri Bottas had a great responsibility for the Mercedes of replacing Rosberg. With the new Mercedes W08, one of the best cars on the grid, Bottas has done a very good job, as it is a difficult for any driver to have Hamilton as a team-mate. This could be a sign of relief for Mercedes after a surprising retirement of Rosberg in 2016. Bottas was one of the fastest driver during the 2017 preseason at Montmelo. He was third during the Australian GP at Albert Park, Melbourne, just behind his team-mate Hamilton. Both the Mercedes drivers had the podium at the first race of the Formula 1 2017 season. As both the Mercedes drivers are quite competitive, there is bound to be rivalry within them, thats something which could not be avoided in Formula 1.

The newcomer to the championship team left a wide exposure when assessing whether he would follow the team orders.

Bottas explained,

“The squad has made it clear from the start that it depends on us at every moment. If there is some another strategy or if there are some problems with the car, thats an exception, but in general terms, we are free. As a pilot, getting a message that tells you to get away so that your partner is passing is one of the worst things that can happen to you, this is a team decision but the final decision is always yours. If it’s the best thing for the team, I would let my partner pass. I’m here to be with Mercedes for a long time. I’ve always been very loyal to the team I was in.”

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